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The Benefits Of Buying Used Cars

The acquisition of a vehicle is one of the most important and expensive decisions. Modern cars are quite expensive, thus to invest money in the right auto, it is necessary to perform an extensive research. There are lots of things to take into account including auto insurance, price, payment method, specifications and many more.

When deciding on the ideal vehicle many people face a common dilemma: “what auto to purchase new or previously owned one. Buying a new auto seems to be a better choice, but we should not neglect the benefits of buying pre-owned cars. Generally people opt for used vehicles when they lack finances for new ones, or do not want applying for loans. When purchasing good used cars people save on insurance and maintenance costs. At the same time, it is an excellent opportunity to have a quality and even luxurious auto for a lower price. If you still believe that buying a new automobile is more beneficial, continue reading this article and you will find a few arguments that will probably make you change your opinion.

The main and, of course, the most obvious advantage of buying second hand used cars is their price and ability to save money. Purchasing a used vehicle is especially beneficial if you have a limited budget, because this is an excellent opportunity to buy a desired auto without spending a king's fortune. If you decide to buy a used vehicle, you can get an excellent model with great performances at a discount price. For example, you can buy a 2-year-old BMW or a luxurious sports car that is almost two times cheaper than a new one. This is possible because new vehicles start losing their value once they leave the dealership.

However, it is necessary to remember that cars lose most of their value only during 2-3 years of usage. Older autos are less affected by the depreciation. Thus, the other benefit of buying a pre-owned vehicle is the opportunity to sell it at a decent price. In other words if you decide to sell second hand cars after several years of using, you will have an excellent chance to sell it a price that is pretty similar to the price you have paid when purchasing it.

Lower registration fee is another reason that may force you purchasing a used auto. Vehicles that are more than 5 years old are much cheaper to register than new ones. Therefore, the acquisition of such auto will help save several hundred dollars a year. At the same time you can save money on sales tax, because taxes for new autos make about 7%.

And the last argument is a cheaper insurance. An insurance policy of a new auto will cost you a round sum, because the price of the insurance depends on the price of the auto. The pricier the car, the pricier insurance you will have to purchase. Since second hand cars for sale are cheaper than new ones, you will save money on insurance.

Owning a new auto is not always beneficial, but the benefits of purchasing used cars from South Africa are numerous and evident. Make sure you take into account all pros and cons pros and cons when deciding between a used and new auto.
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